Big brother saved from sitting in the used yard
A big brother called out from the used yard
He weighed about 40-50 lbs
He wanted to be the Modesto pledge
We took him to the marathon expo
And there he sat for everyone to sign

Central Valley High present a poster to TG
A sign was presented
To help raise awareness
To Reduce, Repair, Reuse
A simple challenge for all

Uncle encouraging people to sign
Some were a little shy
Although he didn't bite
Though big and weighty
He wanted a pledge
....For those to sign to reduce consumption and
....To exercise at least 20 mins a day

SIGN!....or pull him in a marathon

Presenting Big Brother to TRM representatives from Central Valley High
And after an afternoon,
Cajoling people to sign,
Big brother was presented
To the
Teen Run Modesto,
As a reminder of the pledge,
From the Modestoeans,
To reduce their plastic usage,

Really we want zero waste....
And to stay active forever!

Ecuder and TG were also kept very busy throughout the expo showing people techniques to become aware of their posture

Ecuder's Coaching Programme
1. Obtain a regular car tyre that weighs about 22 lbs and give it a name
(I'll call it "Coach" for now)
2. Connect Coach to a rope
3. Connect the rope to a harness belt of a back pack.
4. Make sure the harness belt sits on your hips
5. If you want you can put an animal on the back pack to keep you company

Ecuder and Chamey were worked hard!
6. Drag Coach flat on the ground
7. If Coach bounces a lot, he/her is telling ya you are either:
a) Bouncing up and down instead of using your energy in a forward direction
b) You are digging your heels into the ground
c) You are not in alignment somewhere!

Warning: Coach does not like bad posture and will make dragging a him/her uncomfortable.

Notes: The ninja tyre pullers will be able to drag Coach smoothly on the ground as some of you demonstrated. The super ninja tyre pullers will be able to shorten the length of rope and still be able to pull Coach smoothly on the ground!

Expo Overview
This is an expo that would put larger marathons to shame. It had everything a large marathon expo (marathon clothes, shoes & nutrition, other marathon promoters) would have plus more/free advice (KT taping, weight analysis; posters created especially for the marathon as a momento of the marathon; a number of companies giving away free stuff; the Surgical Artistry with advice on body matters). There was so much happening that one could spend a day out there!
(Click here for more images of the expo)
The Teen Run Modesto group + coaches + Bart Yasso + Kevin Kline with the Pledge
The Dinner Overview
Definitely go for this. Best I have experienced so far!

Food provided by Fuzio Universal Bistro was excellent. The last time I had a pasta dinner was at the New York marathon and the pasta was sloppy and luke warm and portions were variable. Here at Modesto, there was plenty and the food was hot! The pasta was cooked al dente and tasted great, the chicken was tender and it was so fantastic to have bread, salad and cookies.

The main speaker, Bart Yasso, truly entertained the crowd whether runner or non-runner.

(Click here for more images of the dinner)

Thank you Chad for your photos



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