For those wondering what I wore and carried and want to attempt this event in the future. Please note though that this year the temperature range was crazy warm for the "ice box" of the country;  -14 celcius to -4 celcius (ssshh - I'm not supposed to tell you)

Head gear: Started with a balaclava, later switched to light hat - to keep the ears warm,
Body: Two fleece bodies
Hands: Runner's gloves + fleece fingerless gloves + mittens if got cold
Legs: Long john baselayer + a pair of ski pants.
Feet: Thin socks + vapor barrier + thick pair of wool socks
Shoes: Trekking shoes + gaitors + yak traks that I took off later

Was toasty and warm. The temps could have certainly gone down further

- Snack bag + water bottle in jacket. Lost water bottle at some point on trail. Bought another at Gateway
- Snot rag - hate a blocked nose from the cold. Lost the rag some point bombing down a hill.
- Spare batteries
- Gels + electrolytes
- Compass - because it looks like I know what I'm doing!!!!
- Whistle to play music to keep me entertained
- Head lamp - helped me see where I was going when sledding down a hill. Other than that - never used it throughout the night
- Chemical stuff to keep hands and feet warm - never needed it this time

- Fiberglass expedition sled - (next time will adapt a children's plastic sled)
- Food/snacks for 4 days + cup - (next time reduce cooking food and snacks - brought extra in case I made a friend!!!!)
- MSR stove + 2 bottles of white gas for cooking
- Overboots (next time will not bring them)
- 2 jackets
- Spare socks, hat, gloves and goggles
- fleece hood balacalva neck gater
- Spare clothes for end point (next time give to drop off)
- Sleeping bag for -40 celcius (this time could have just carried a smaller bag for -20); bivvy bag; mat
- 3 litres of water
- Medical bag with plasters; strapping tape (that I didn't how to use!); anti-inflammatories; hair brush (need one luxury!)
- Electrolytes
- Two spare lamps + spare lights (snapped a light off - so had to use spare light!)
- Trekking poles - that I nearly left behind two times.

Thank you to my friends in Wisconsin for all your time, help and support :-)


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