My friend Tess' mission for just over 10 years has been to focus on  peace and environmental harmony on our planet, by carrying out climbs, runs or walks, and bringing together heart messages from thousands of individuals, to make a difference both at an individual and a collective level. You can read about what she has done here:

Her last destination is to the roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro and she has invited me to be part of that group. So in September, for the world peace day, we hope to be on top of Kilimanjaro singing songs of peace and reading the thoughts of thousands from across the world. As well as coping with the steepness of the mountain and enduring the extreme altitude we will be struggling with the dragging of a peace-tyrethat  will hold all the Messages, as our symbolic of “PULLING TOGETHER FOR PEACE”.

In addition to peace messages, we have been honoured to be carrying with us a lantern containing the World Peace Flame. This is the sacred flame that burns eternally in North Wales. It came together in 1999 as living flames sent by peace-makers from 5 continents of the world. This is a potent representation of Peace. See

So for my part, dear readers, I ask you humbly if you would think of a pledge to the environment or messages of peace and then send us that message on the Peace Messages page.

My Environmental Pledge
Having read much about our destruction to our weather regulators (our rain forests are still being documented as being decimated at an alarming rate and has been reduced from 14% to currently at 5%) from our craving for resources and thus leading to sea acidification and pollution,

I pledge to reduce my consumption rate of plastics and demand for "things" to reduce my inadvertant contribution to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, reuse as many resources as I can (yes this means trying to fix things) and have very little to recycle or to throw away to reduce demand for consumables and thus another inadvertant contribution to the destruction of our world's rainforests. If you would also like to make this pledge with me, add a comment with your name and the country you are from.

If you want to make a different pledge or peace message, then please add that message here:

And finally a song for you all to sing to put you in the mood for peace and harmony.



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