Yesterday I received an email from the Hatfield & McCoy marathon's organiser indicating that cots were available in the Fire Department.

Decided to take one of them as thought this might be better than sleeping in the car and anyhow I get to meet some fellow competitors. The fire chief has told me there will be a 10 year old girl staying there who will be participating in the 1/2 marathon. Err I hope the cots are beds otherwise the floor is good for me.

When I was 10 years old, attempting a long distance run would have been a far flung thought. At that age I was competitive in netball and 10-pin bowling.  Am hoping to meet this lass who would be an inspiration to many if she does complete.

Thought I'd display the weather forecast in West Virginia over the next couple of days. A 10 day forecast says the temperatures are going to properly lie in the 30s by the time I get there. Better get the salt ready! Wonder if there is an aircon in the Fire Dept......


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