I have done certain things on the day of the event that are in the running books of the "do not do":
  • Ran with a pair of new shoes - thankfully no blisters or anything.
  • Worn new clothes - once had a scratchy bit that irritated my skin so now I definitely do not wear new clothes on the day unless tested.
  • Eat or drink anything new that you have not trained with. Mixed views here - during one event found that I could eat during a run as I was starving and ate a donut offered with only a positive energy boosting effect after; found that gels are disgusting and need to drink a lot of water after one. Overall thankfully have had no runny-tummies from food/drink I've had on events that I've not trained with.
  • Sleep - I rarely sleep well the night before the event - but that is only mental. The physical body still has had rest and so can move. Have learned to ignore the head.
Things that I would add to the "do not do" running books:
  • Hot spicy foods should be eaten early and not in the wee hours of the morning before (such as 2am). Running with a hot tummy on the day of the event means you'll probably vom at some point (well I did).
  • Play a sport where you could get damaged the day before. My thick head has not learned this lesson well. Had a mashed toe last year from a game of touch rugby that resulted in a throbbing toe and limp the next day. Unfortunately the toe throbbed after each event for the next 6 months. Yes after 6 long events last year my toe throbbed but I was determined to complete all of them.

    I have a 20 mile event tomorrow and played hockey today. My foot is bruised in two places and now feels stiff and on the same leg, the  shin stopped a hockey ball from going anywhere!  Hopefully ice, heat and some arnica will help do some magic.

    Just checked - my stupid head is still there and would probably do some type of sport the day before if the opportunity arose again after all accidents can happen anywhere and there is no statistic to say that I am increasing the chance


13/03/2011 05:49

errrmmmm... at least u didn't stop the hockey ball with yr bonce :D


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