Meeting other runners before an event can be a hotch potch of nervous emotions.
Some random lady looks at me and says: Wow you look fast
Me: Nah am a plodder
Lady: You'll definitely beat me

Hmm she's been sizing me up!!!

Me: Dunno - will be anywhere from 3:00 - 3:30
Lady: Really? I'm sure you'll do better than that.

(I didn't - I completed the event in 3:02)

The same lady seemed to find me at the starting line.
Lady:Have only run 17 miles this week
Me: 17 more than I have over 2 weeks and plus played hockey yesterday and have sustained a foot injury.
Lady: Oh I've just come back from injury and I've gained a whole lot of weight. I'm unlikely to beat my PB as I am a whole stone heavier than last year.

This lady has been running since 1997 and was ahead of me for most of the way. She flagged off in the final four miles, yelling as I overtook her - I knew you'd beat me! As for beating her PB - she beat it by 1 whole minute!

Making excuses is not limited to running. I have found that in many sports that I play that if there are people around you, one should get an excuse in before you start so that if you perform badly, at least you can't be too disappointed psychologically.

But I don't want to start negative any more. It's time we gave it a more positive spin :-)


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