January has been a hard month. Not just due to it being winter, but because of being hit by flu. I blame this on the flight back into the UK, because it really has not been that cold here. I thought I would be ill for at the most 3 days; it took weeks to be able to breathe without wheezing on exertion. However on the positive side, I have done a lot of sleeping/resting which is what I wanted to do but I have done absolutely no tyre pulling training at all. This has made me keen....keen to run.

On the negative, next week is the 4 marathons in 4 days (Quadzilla). With lack of training, I am a little nervous. I will need to rely on:
- Technique - from having learnt Pose in Sept 2009 and practising it all of 2010
- My last marathon was in Dec and was able to pull tyres throughout that month
- A very stubborn will

I know some of you will be holding your breath, thinking about the "i" word.  Let's not think any more about that word. I am rested, my spirit is back, so bring it on Feb!


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