I hate long haul flights. Am not good at sleep adjustments, so since touch down am getting by on 3-4 hours a night.  Temperature wise, well managed to burn myself on the first day out swimming despite putting on sun block factor 50. Having eczematic skin is sensitive and vulnerable. I prefer to hit it with more sun to harden it up and on the same sentence, moisturise to soften it up!

Now for every marathon I have done this year, my "monthly" has popped up.  I thought the timing between Steppingley Steps and the SCSM would mean I would at least have one marathon without having to worry about.....well other women readers will understand. Amazingly all the signs indicate that my body clock wants to sync in with my last marathon for the year.  *sigh*

So preps for this coming Sunday.....got to reacquaint myself back with my 2 Asian tyres that are looked after by another friend who perhaps one day will become.....a tyregirl :-)


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