Strange things have been happening. I was  on a 2 week break to allow my toe some healing time....and I get a call from a running buddy who says "hey want to go pull some tyres this weekend?" The tyres were excited. A new puller!

So now there's a new gal on the tyre pulling scene. She took Rec and I took Ted and Drag. Drag is one of the Olympic kids who came out with me to Hackney Marshes. Ted's the first tyre I took on a 5 mile run and is the veteran of the group. He's pulled into retirement age but likes to take the youngsters out for training sessions.

So Drag started out behind Grand-Pa Ted, and I plodded along with Tyre Girl 2. She thought I was being kind by being slow! But Drag is called Drag because......

Anyway after about 3 miles Tyre Girl 2 took them both. Drag sensing a new puller mischievously tried to escape in the car park. Grand Pa Ted said something and Drag began to sulk and be more of a.....drag.  Drag was tired! Grand Pa Ted softened and put Drag up upon his broad treads. This surely made the pulling process slightly easier and both Tyre Girl 2 and myself were thankful for the short relief.  Short 'cos although the drag was less, the load was heavier!

Ok so what's up with Tyre Girl 2? She's all shiney and new and the tyres think she's wonderful. Tyre Girl 2 - well she's in it for her running technique - the tyres give her immediate feedback about posture to support a nice lean. Then take her off the tyre and woo hoo she boings into action like a bungee!!! I think Tyre Girl 2 will be back for some more sessions. :P



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