An observation: competitive people who play sport have a tendency to continue thru injury because they don't want to give up/be seen as a weak link/they feel they can make a difference, etc. It really is a masochistic psychological head game and sometimes we do more damage than if we had just stopped.

Am no different. At the end of June, someone stomped on my foot hard in a touch rugby league game. In fact I also ended up with bruises on the leg and arm from the opposition team being quite rough. Unfortunately the foot has taken a long time to heal and on the last run (Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1) I was limping due to the stiffness of the foot due to swelling steming from one injured toe. Ok I hear your queries:

- Did I stop playing touch rugby? No and in fact I was also playing hockey

- Did I give it a rest? Yes - one week (ahem)

- Did I get it checked? No - cos don't want to hear the doc to say I can't run but a nurse friend did say if I don't treat it with respect it will take longer to heal....

- Have I been to the doc? No but I did get some quick advice from an orthopedic surgeon who says it would probably take about 4 months to get better if it is ligament/tendon damage......but doesn't think I've broken it since I'd be in continuous pain after walking.

Surprise, surprise zero sympathy from anyone, including my tyres! Rec deliberately got in my way so that I would bang my bad foot against him. I forgive Rec! He thought it would be funny.......I put him outside in the rain!

Anyway after 5-4-3-2-1 decided to ease off a little to give toe a better chance to get well....a 2 week rest and lots of positive thought......sigh.


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